Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange has three elements. The first and most important is the Kerry McNamara $1,000 scholarship.

Second is RYLA or Rotary Youth Leadership Award. This is 2, 3 or 4 day event where High School sophomore and Juniors are giving a chance to attend a leadership training event. In the District this has not happened each year, but we have sponsored when we can.

Finally Rotary Youth Exchange is year long school year exchange in another country. In the early 90’s we sponsored a student to Italy. This year a student is going to Denmark.

Kerry McNamara $1,000 Scholarship

This scholarship was started in the mid 1990’s. McNamara a Past President was killed in an auto accident. Money was given in leu of flowers. When the amount grew scholarships were awarded. Here is list of current awardees and the school intended to attend.

  • 2004 Michelle Baldino (University of Central Florida)
  • 2005 Aldo Pacheco (Florida Atlantic)
  • 2006 Amber Williams (Florida State University)
  • 2007 Sherrelle Thorpe (Florida State University)
  • 2007 Shannon McNamara (University of Central Florida)
  • editors note Sharron is a niece to Kerry McNamara
  • 2007 Bianca Cook (Florida State University)
  • 2008 Karrah Sweetman (University of South Florida)
  • 2009 Kristi Beroldi (Florida Atlantic)
  • 2009 Rashida Gayle (Florida State University)
  • 2010  Tashauna Williams (University of Central Florida)
  • 2010  Cheslsea Burnett (Florida Gulf Coast University)
  • 2010  Maria Galindo (University of Florida)
  • 2010  Stesha Robertson (Florida International University)
  • 2011 Sherisaac Yousuf (University of South Florida)
  • 2011 Nicholas Coppola (Clemson University-South Carolina)
  • 2011 Timothy Leichliter (Hawaii Pacific University)
  • 2012 Lily Britt (Washington College)
  • 2012 Luis Enrique Terron (Florida Atlantic University)
  • 2013 Shannon Hufty (Florida State University)
  • 2013 Victoria Williams ( University of Florida)

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

RYLA is a Rotary International sponsored leadership development conference. It is a fun-filled 5 day program that will prepare students to meet the future challenges of society through interactive thought-provoking workshops and lectures. High school students entering 10th, 11th or 12th grade and are sponsored with a s cholarship from a District 6990 Rotary Club.

The following have been sponsored by Pompano Beach-Lighthouse Rotary Club.

  •  2003 Shantia Moss
  •  2004 Jordan Shomer
  •  2006 Sandy Noel
  •  2007 Jarian Martinez
  •  2008 Rashicla Gayle
  •  2008 Britney Ducleruil

 Rotary Youth Exchange

  •  2011-2012 Lucas Costa will be hosted by the Rotary Club of Svinninge, Denmark