John Diehl is one of two members that joined the club in second year. He was always ready to help out. In the early years he led the way to a “tug a war” fund raiser. The event needed 30 teams. One year the club entered a boat in Pompano Beach Christmas boat parade. He helped decorate the boat which was given a first in it’s category. He was President in 1990-91. He served a second time when the membership was low in 2002-2003. He was honored with the Paul Harris Fellowship in 1993 and is currently a two timer. In 2008 he arranged for his parter Elizabeth Schnars with the same honor. 

He with other fundraisers by selling “tea” at the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival and has worked almost every year of the 19 year event. However, the club now sells Rum Runners and other exotic drinks. He served as an Assistant Governor when someone resigned mid year. He has helped out at District Conferences as a Sergeant at Arms. He is almost always the first to volunteer. Currently is holding  the position of Foundation Chair. The exceeded their pledge by 136%. In the 29 years he has near perfect attendance.