Jack Rosen comes to us in 2005. Started in Rotary in New Jersey in 1972. Was
District Governor in1990-1991 of District 749. Charter member of the Fair Lawn club. When an opening came up for Treasurer his name was submitted. Even with many years in Rotary he continues to be a leader. Jack suggested theclub collect books and magazines for the Parlyzed Veterans Assocation of Florida. Over a thousnad were delived the first year. He was part of the team that suggested the club build a sign when it was discovered the organization was a victium of fraund by a contruction company and lost the two dollar deposit. The sign valued at about $6,000 was built for $1,200.
In 2006he suggested we help one of the elementry schools in Pompano Beach. Club members dug deep into their pockets and came up with over $300. Shopping the sales for school supplies and delivered to the Charlers Drew Elementry School. The project has continued with the club’s Foundation funding the project. This year  (2009) $520 was spent and an estimated $900 worth of paper, pencils, note books, backpacks, and copy paper were delived. Some of the club members helped with the shopping.
Currently he is the Happy Dollars chair and eachweek the members can’nt wait to particapte. He is also the orginatior of the Year of Birthday booklet fund raiser. He is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow with 41 years of perfect attendance.c