Rotalite October 2, 2018

Visitors last week: None
Business Meeting: Chair Harry of the School supplies project advises that all 6 schools have received their goods. When we receive our Grant money, copy paper will purchased and delivered. Jo Ellen presented the club with 2 banners she receive while visiting New Jersey/.This brings our collection to 210 and moves NJ into 4th place with the most. Illinois and Florida lead. October 6 will be the social hosted by Jo Ellen
beginning at 4:00. District events include R2R Sept. 27 at Sample-McDougald House, RLI in Miami Sept. 29, R2R at Miller’s Davie Ale House, Oct. 25 and Grant seminar at Nova SE U.

Program:: Chair of the Day Bill Zobus presented a
program on his visit to England in June of this year.
He stayed with former Rotary short term exchange
program who stay with him 30 years ago in Streator, Illinois. Stephen and

Beverly Robertson hosted him for 3 weeks. During his stay he visited Stephen’s parents who live is Newcastle upon Tyne, short trip into Scotland, had lunch on a Scottish golf course, visited a Scotch distillery, had a drink in an English pub. Visited two Rotary clubs and exchanged banners, and made the trip to Stone Henge. Stephen works for Royals Royce engine devision. They lived in Derby U.K.

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