Month: January 2015



The Official Weekly Newsletter

Pompano Beach-Lighthouse Rotary

March 13, 2018 Water and Sanitation Month

Tuesday 7:30 A. M. Galuppi’s 1103 N. Federal Hwy

District 6990, Club 21036. Pompano Beach, Florida


Visitors last week: Al Zuccaro, Mt. Clemens, MI. Bill Swasey. St. Joseph. MI. Fred Bashara, Montpelier, VT. Ken Norman, Wyckoff-Midland, NJ. Sid Mowder, Burlington Lakeshore Canada

Business meeting: Last chance to attend Vivian Kemp’s 50th Anniversary. March 17, 2018 Signature Grand. Other events include: March 22, Charlie;s Friends at Tatts & Tacos Beer Garden, April 21 RLI at Keiser U, Miami, April 27-29 Pompano Beach Seafood Festival, District Assembly, in Hollywood at Margaritaville and finally May 4-6 will be the District Conference, Marriott’s Beachside.Two members had birthdays, Scott Cutliff and Pat Jamison.

Program: President Spanky attended PETS this last weekend. For new members PETS is President Elect Training Seminar. Yes, Spanky is doing a second year. So Spanky is President and President-elect. Some of the information presented is not fit to print. However, he did find a few things to present to the club members. All of the women received a new pin celebrating 40 years of women in Rotary, Pat J. was given a special pin for all of the extra work making each birthday a special day. Another pin was given to veterans in the club. Finally the theme pin for 2018-2019 was given to all. President-Elect of Rotary International, Barry Rassin’s theme is “Be The Inspiration.” Maybe we should elect Spanky to a third term? Great presentation.